You're the Expert

The show that uses comedy to make academic research more accessible and exciting. Too often, only a narrow community is made aware of important research and discoveries. At the same time, there's a huge audience for comedy, but the subject matter tends to be nonsense. You're the Expert bridges these worlds, attracting a comedy audience while providing them with meaningful content. 

A Radio Program

Hosted and produced by Chris Duffy, each show features an expert in a somewhat obscure field.  A group of hilarious comedians try to guess what in the world our expert studies all day long. Afterwards, the expert dissects how wildly wrong (or right) the ideas about her field were. The show ends with an interview where we find out what our expert does and why their field is important. It's funny, it's interactive, and you end up actually learning something.

A Live Show

Audience members at our first taping described the show as “a cross between Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Inside the Actor’s Studio for scientists.” Our goal is to do for academic research what The Daily Show has done for current events, to broaden the audience and make it exciting and fun.

Our live tapings are recorded at the Oberon Theater in Cambridge, MA. Kevin Brunswick is our technical director.