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First time listener? Scroll down for some of our favorite episodes, which are a good introduction to the show. You can hear all the rest on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Dr. Laura Gee is an economist at Tufts. She studies how peer groups and social media affect the decisions people make about jobs, money, and much more. Featuring comedians Eugene Mirman, Maeve Higgins, and Ken Reid.

Dr. Carlota Batres is an evolutionary psychologist who studies human attraction. Why do we think some people are hot and others are gross? Comedians Jo Firestone, Roy Wood, Jr., and Hari Kondabolu get to the bottom of what turns us on and off.

Dr. Angela Belcher is a MacArthur Genius and a professor at MIT. She teaches comedians Aparna Nancherla, Josh Sharp, and Bobby Smithney about how she uses viruses and bacteria to build next generation batteries, solar cells, and much more. 

Dr. Gary Fireman is a nightmare expert and the chair of Suffolk University's Psychology department. Comedians Maeve Higgins, Charlie Hankin, and Matt Porter get to the bottom of what causes disturbed dreaming, the differences between nightmares and an acid trip, and what type of cheese to eat before bed.

Natalie Reeder is San Francisco Airport's Wildlife Biologist. She helps protect planes from running into birds and does research on the rare and endangered species around one of the busiest airports in the country. Comedians Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, and James Adomian learn about the secret wildlife they never knew existed behind the arrivals terminal.

Dr. Leslie Dewan invented a new type of nuclear reactor that dramatically safer, cheaper, and more efficient. Panelists Scott Adsit, Maeve Higgins, and Eugene Mirman get to the bottom of why her work is important and how it relates to Guy Fieri. 

Dr. Julie Shah studies robot-human teamwork at MIT. In this episode, taped at the Cambridge Science Festival, panelists John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac, and Maeve Higgins interview Dr. Shah about her work, try to guess about robots in the news and learn why it's so difficult to cook with a robot chef.

Dr. Christopher Mason completed the first large scale genetic study of the NYC subway system. What he discovered blew our minds. Listen as Jo Firestone, Maeve Higgins, and Zhubin Parang are amazed and disgusted by the bacteria that surround us on our daily commutes.

Nate Fuller is a scientist at Boston University who studies bats. Comedians Jo Firestone, Ken Reid, and Josh Sharp get to the bottom of exactly what that means for his day-to-day life, whether vampires are real, and the ideal first date for a bat biologist.

Dr. Katie Hinde is head of Harvard's Comparative Lactation Lab (yes, that's a real thing). On this star-studded episode, The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman, and Sarah Vowell try to guess what Dr. Hinde studies. They also warn the world about the dangers of stealing milk from a baby. If you listen to one episode, make it this one.