Did you see that You're the Expert just got a great review in The Onion A.V. Club


You’re The Expert
Mixing radio with scientific thought could make for some stuffy listening. You’re The Expert knows this and has created a clever panel show that combines the comedy of ignorance with scientific enlightenment. 

In a twisted version of What’s My Line?, host Chris Duffy brings on an academic researcher with a complex-sounding job title such as “structural health monitor” or “Bayesian statistician.” He then challenges improv and stand-up comedians like Harry Gordon and Robert Woo to try to understand exactly what the guest studies.  

The format is very loose for a panel show. Regular features include “Truth In Comedy,” a game the panel plays with the guest and audience. It’s similar to Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me’s “Bluff The Listener” segment, but instead of weird news, it’s about scientific experiments and proposals. There’s also “JAG (The Jargon And Acronym Game),” in which panelists must guess scientific terms and acronyms that relate to the expert. Episodes can also feature freeform, improvised comedy monologues about the guest and light-hearted interviews about their work, like talking about a professor’s proposal to use unmanned drones to observe bridge conditions. Even though it’s considered a panel game, they don’t mire the flow of its comedy by sticking to a rigid game format—there’s no score keeping or even an official winner. Education and enlightenment are the grand prizes lying behind the velvet curtain, and anyone listening to the episode can win. [DG] "


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