Hey there,

As I'm sure anyone who's listened to You're the Expert knows, most of our show is unscripted. That's why our live recordings last almost twice as long as our final episodes, so that when we edit them down, we'll have lots of choices and be able to cut out any unfortunate jokes or factual inaccuracies. 

In our last episode, "Astrophysics and Predicting the Future," I jokingly said that it was impossible for there to be identical twins of different genders. It turns out that this is factually wrong on several levels:

1) There can be monozygotic twins of different sexes. Here's a National Geographic video that explains how: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/in-the-womb/videos/multiples-womb/ 

2) I was overlooking the obvious possibility of a transgender twin. As one listener wrote, "there are millions of transgender people in the world, and jokes like that one erase their existence, which contributes to discrimination and anti trans violence."

So I would like to correct the record and apologize. I'm incredibly grateful to have listeners who care about our show and who are willing to graciously educate me and point me in the right direction when I'm wrong. Thank you for being patient with me and thank you for helping me do better in the future.

I'm sorry and I thank you,



AuthorChris Duffy